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The PooVak-mini is Battery Powered, and cordless.

Ideal for Pets up to 60 lbs.

Easy to use, and strore when you done.

Approximately a 20 minute run time.


Multi-Purpose: The PooVak-mini uses a name brand leaf blower, and is designed so that the leaf blower easily detaches so you can also use the leaf blower separately. Plus, with the optional shop-vac kit, the PooVak-mini is also a great portable (cordless) canister vacuum, that you can take with you anywhere (to the car, patio, camping).

Mobility: The PooVak-mini only weighs 10 pounds, and is easy to carry about the yard, and is ideal for those pet owners who need the assistance of mobility devices such as a scotter.

Great for apartment dwellers, condo owners, home owners, and RV'ers.

PooVak-mini Inclues:

1 Gallon capacity canister

20V Leaf Blower, Lithium-Ion Battery, and Charger (1hour to charge)

10 PooVak Bags

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