PooVak - BackPak
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For Indoor and Outdoor Use.

The shop-vac is worn as a backpack, and connects to the PooVak canister to provide a source of suction. This distributes the weight of the system and reduces arm fatigue.

The debris and pet waste stays in the PooVak canister, keeping the shop vac cleaner. Pet waste does not make it's way through the hose (potentially clogging it) or into the shop vac.

Ideal for Indoor Usage:

  • The shop-vac contains a HEPA filter, which will trap over 99% of the dust that passes through the PooVak canister filter.
  • Deodorizers such as baking soda, even pot-pourri can be put into the shop vac canister to minimize the smell which is especially important for indoor useage.


The Shop-vac is A/C powered, so you will need to plug-in. A 100 ft outdoor power cord, rated for 13 amps is recommended, but not included in your purchase.


Ideal for weekly cleanup: The PooVak canister volume is 1.5 gallons, which will allow you to collect a weeks worth of pet waste from 1 large or 2 medium size dogs, without having to stop and empty the canister.


Great Choice for Pet Clean-Up businesses: If you have a pet waste cleanup business, this model will allow you to clean up quicly, and do a superior job because the turf is literally vacuum cleaned, leaving nothing behind. Your customers will also be impressed with this modern more effective solution, and your employees will love using the PooVak because it is faster, cleaner and more dignified.

Guarantee/Warranty: 30day money back guarantee (less return shipping), and 1 year warranty on all components.

The PooVak canister is poudly made in the USA.


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PooVak - BackPak

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